American-Barbadian singer Rihanna has revealed she’s expecting twin babies and can’t wait to meet them.

Rihanna disclosed this in an interview where she spoke about her preparation for motherhood and what she is most excited about in the new phase of her life.

She stated that she is attempting to appreciate the journey because there is so much unknown because she would become nervous and overwhelmed if she hyped herself at this time.

Speaking on the difficulties of pregnancy, Rihanna stated that everything that appeared simple to her before has now become a struggle, from getting up from the couch to deciding what to wear, wearing heels, and getting dressed.

When asked what she is most excited about, Rihanna stated that she can’t wait to meet her babies and has already had a 3D and ultrasound scan.

Excerpt from the interview read:

How are you mentally prepared for motherhood?

I’m trying not to overthink it. I’m trying to embrace the journey as it comes, because there’s so much unknown. And if I hype myself up about it right now, I’ll just get anxious and get overwhelmed.

And, today is already enough to deal with, right? Getting up off the couch, figuring out what I’m going to wear, wearing heels, getting dressed.

Everything that seemed simple is such a task right now, so I’m just going step-step. And it’s not like I could run from any of what’s to come. When I’m face with it, I’m going to handle it like I know best.

The one thing I’ve learned the most during pregnancy is no one can truly prepare you. No matter how many stories you hear, your journey is so unique to you and could never be prepared enough. You have to embrace the journey.

What are you most excited about?

Meeting my baby! Are you kidding me? I got all the 3D scans and ultrasounds and I can’t wait to meet them. And you know, the diapers and whatnot will follow.