Nigerian Singer, Asake has proven to have very strong muscles as he shocked fans by carrying fellow singer, Teni on his back with ease.

In a viral video, Teni can be seen telling the YBNL artist to carry her on his back.

She questioned him if he was sure he could carry her after he urged her to climb up his back. He then laughed and assured her that he is strong enough to carry her.

As soon as she climbed on his back, Asake did not wait time in moving with her showing that he was saying the truth.

Everyone around them began laughing because they couldn’t believe he could carry her. Asake then declared her to be a money bag. He also claimed to have carried persons much larger than her.

They both laughed as he still carried her on his back while moving. When they got to a point, she then told him that she wanted to come down because it was as if she was about to fall.

Immediately she came down, and they both started laughing.

Watch the video of the two artists having fun below:-