Mavin star beauty Ayra Starr highlighted some strategies she used in her early years for her shows before stardom on today’s episodes of gorgeous success stories we love to hear.

According to the singer, who humorously toasted poverty and the fear of it while using the Nigerian slang, Sapa, she used to beef up her shows with members of her family or friends to ensure that there were individuals in the audience who were at least admirers of her music.

Ayra Starr said;

“Early Last year I used to take my friends and family to concerts and performances just incase no one knew my music ,they would help me scream my songs and ginger the audience 😂 Sapa nice one 🥺”

Currently sitting on the number one position on streaming platforms in the country with her latest single, Rush, Ayra Starr clearly no longer has to worry about showgoers not knowing her songs.

The singer also seems poised for Western stardom as she recently put out a remix of her hit single, Bloody Samaritan with American singer, Kelly Rowland.

Furthermore, Ayra Starr is one of the acts rumoured to be on Wizkid’s forthcoming and highly anticipated fifth studio album, More Love, Less Ego.