Some unresolved dramas made it to the Reunion show’s third episode, just the way fans love it. From Arin versus Nini to Queen versus Tega and Angel vs Boma, the episode was packed with drama.

In case you missed the show, here are the highlights

Nini vs Arin face-off
It turns out that there is unresolved beef between house besties Arin and Nini.

On Monday night, Nini made the revelation at the Reunion Show. Ebuka, the host of BBN, questioned both parties about why they chose to end their relationship outside of the House.

Nini was eager to respond to Ebuka’s inquiry, and she didn’t hold back in giving the entire gist to the audience. After Arin posted a provocative comment on Cross’ Instagram post, Nini made it plain that her connection with her had changed.

When Nini and Saga were ousted from the House, Arin commented on Cross’ Instagram post, “sharing love and light.” Nini was offended by Arin’s remark and decided to cut relations with her.

Nini remarked, “I told you (Arin) that the only thing I have against you is that you commented on Cross’ Instagram page. You’re only looking for attention, and I’ve already given it to you. Why did you bring it up here at the Reunion if that isn’t the case?”.

Nini believes Arin brought up the issue at the Reunion Show because she wanted to gain some popularity in the social space.

Arin, on the other hand expressed her disappointment at Nini for not giving her the benefit of doubts regarding the issue. Saga believed the two ladies’ face-off was caused by the rumors their fans fed them after the show.

Angel, Boma Squash beef
The infamous face-off between Angel and Boma got a few minutes of spotlight plus the season’s first recorded reconciliation.

During the Reunion Show, Angel accused Boma of slut-shaming her and insulting her parents, calling her all sorts of names.

Boma stated that he never slut-shamed her but agreed that he was wrong by using vulgar words and also referring to her mental health.

Angel said she only used words like Crazy and Idiot toward Boma but he called out her mother, and father, and body-shamed her.

Despite trying to prove that she didn’t kiss and tell, he didn’t believe her.

This led to a serious fight as they were unable to control their temper. This issue was squashed on the show and Boma admitted that he was wrong. He stood up, held her shoulder, and apologized to her.

His apologies came after BBN host, Ebuka asked if he agreed that he was wrong and he said Yes.

Tega vs Queen Face-off
Queen opted for the most gruesome weapon in her arsenal when she brought back her grievances against Tega.

Recall that major drama between the reality stars sprung from Boma confronting Angel over claims that she tagged him a ‘kiss and tell’.

Tega accused Queen of saying Boma kissed and told some of the housemates, but Queen denied the allegations as it led to a face-off between them.