Nigerian Singer, Burna Boy has disclosed why his family members are important members of his team and why he keeps using them.

Burna Boy is the cover star for the latest issue of Billboard Magazine where he spoke about his global vision for Afrobeats.

The issue titled “BURNA BOY’S GLOBAL VISION: TAKING AFRO-FUSION TO THE NEXT LEVEL”, saw the Grammy award-winning singer speak on his upcoming sixth studio album ‘Love, Damini.’

“It’s a bit personal [because] it’s bringing you into my head on my birthday — when you turn 31 and ain’t got no kids, everything is going good and bad at the same time.⁠

“You reflect and then you get as lit as possible. Then you sleep and wake up and reflect again. I’m reflecting on everything — what I’m doing and what’s happening where I’m from. Where I’m from is a part of where I’m going.

Burna Boy further spoke on his plan to take his Afro-fusion music to the world’s biggest stages. Selling out Madison Square Garden was just the beginning.

“My dream venues, other than all the stadiums in the world, are unorthodox, like a theme park or a f–king train station. A concert in a big-ass train station, and there’s no trains and the whole tracks are filled with people. I just want to do weird s–t like that for my own pleasure.”

“It’s always been my vision to build a bridge between all Black people in all parts of the world through the music and performance. Music is the No. 1 messenger.”

When asked about why his family members make up the majority of his team, he revealed that it was because he trusts them more.

“It is better to stick with the devils you know”

He speaks in aphorisms, like (why he keeps family, including his sister and “momager” Bose Ogulu, on his team) and “I hope for the best and am prepared for the worst” (when he thinks about the future of the African continent).