The Odogwu of music himself is taking a swipe at members of Wizkid’s esteemed Wizkid FC and in the words of Twitter users, is ‘cooking serious vawulence’. More on this story below.

Self-titled African Giant and Nigerian megastar, Burna Boy, has taken a swipe at members of Wizkid’s fanbase, Wizkid FC with a response to a tweet on the erasure of Nigerian history in schools.

The star who’s widely known for his Twitter antics had dug his claws into members of Wizkid FC after quoting a video footage of Professor and Literature Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka speaking on the removal of history from curriculum of schools in the nation.

Responding with a photo of an infamous Wizkid FC member, Burna Boy said; I said this same thing a while ago but Wizkid Delusional Twitter fc said I was lying.

Maybe if your true history was taught in your schools Wizkid would have a smarter Twitter FC instead of idiots like this.”

The singer who angrily called out a Remu who’s purportedly a member of his team for deleting his tweets also doubled down on his stance by adding that miseducation had a large part to play in our suffering.

Burna Boy’s Pan-African stance is no new development as the singer has been vocal about his stance on being a musical representative for the continent and reflects on this in his music.

Wizkid FC on the other hand is regarded as the most formidable fanbase in the country which is duly recognised and respected by Wizkid himself.

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