British rapper Stephanie Victoria Allen, known professionally as Stefflon Don has sparked reactions on social media after making a monkey joke in new video.

On Wednesday, Stefflon shared a video of her talking to her monkey pet as she complained about the animal not giving her attention like her ex-boyfriend.

In the video, the rapper could be heard telling the pet “This is why I broke up with you the last time”.

Stefflon Don also noted via the video that the monkey has grown fond of keeping to himself.

She said: “I am talking to you and you’re not listening, you’re not even saying much. I can’t really do this no more, Goerge. See what I’m saying?

You’re not even listening to me, you’re there eating a carrot. I need more affection. need some more time from you.

Do you see what I’m saying? This is why I broke up with you the last time.”


Reacting, Fans took to the comment section and asserted that she subtly shaded Burna Boy as the singer has become famous for using a Gorilla as his emoji on social media, a move that signify that he’s the African Giant.