The news of Chrisland School girl s3xtape scandal is the latest hot topic on social media this week.

Chrisland school located in Lagos was reported to have taken some off their students on excursion in Dubai where one male and one female teenage students engaged in serious s3x activity.

The news broke out when music executive turn blogger, Ubi Franklin shared the news on social media saying the school has been doing everything to conceal the incident while reporting it as r@pe.

From the disturbing video that emerged online, the 13year old girl was seen on top riding the boy while also switching style like a boxer switching from orthodox to southpaw.

Obviously, the video doesn’t reflect r@pe but a mutual immoral act done with full consent of both teenagers in the video.

On this edition of The Wrap on Daw Empire, we bring to you everything you need to know about this incident and we’d like you to share your thoughts on who is to be blamed for this gross immorality.

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