Cynthia Morgan has tackled people who still mock Burna boy for appearing on the music video for her Simatinya song.

During a Twitter conversation between Wizkid FC and Outsiders (Burna Boy’s fans), a Wizkid fan stated when Big Wiz was balling with the big boys, Burna was busy appearing as a video vixen on Cynthia’s music video.

The talented songstress, who has been out of the music industry for a long time due to conflicts with her old record company, in response took to the comment section to dispel the idea that Burna was merely a video vixen as at that time.

She also revealed why she chose Burna Boy for her Simatinya music video in an Instagram post.

According to Cynthia, when she chose the self-proclaimed African Giant for her music video, he was the biggest musician in Africa, which nearly cost her her record deal with Jude Okoye’s label.

The singer warned she would not want to see her name in any sentence that has to do with Burna Boy’s slander, adding that he is the best and biggest artist in Africa till she pic the microphone again.

“To me, Burna boy was the biggest artist in Africa when I picked him for simatinya video and I remember almost losing my record deal with Jude Okoye’s label for standing my ground that it was only burna boy I wanted and no one else.

I know a lot you love living in lies either due to tribalism or personal hatred but please I never wanted to see my name in a sentence that has to do with a Burna Boy slander. He is the best and biggest artist in Africa till I pick the mic again.” she said.

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