DJ Cuppy has sent a message to naysayers and criticisers of her and her fiance, Ryan Taylor’s, relationship.

Nigerian DJ and media personality, DJ Cuppy, has sent a message to criticisers of her relationship and engagment to British professional boxer, cyclist and YouTuber, Ryan Taylor.

Cuppy who’s a social media sweetheart of several Nigerians had reacted to criticism of her relationship via Twitter where she said; “Who wants that “perfect” love story anyway? 🥱 Cliché.”

This comment comes after some reportedly concerned Nigerians had dug up evidence of Ryan Taylor’s previous relationship with proof that it had come to an end shortly before he proposed to the DJ.

The receipts which involved coupled up photos of the British boxer with UK influencer, Fiona Michelle, had involved one dated “11-10”, of them holding hands.

DJ Cuppy and Ryan Taylor had gotten engaged at a public proposal at Abu Dhabi at the prestigious car rally award ceremony, Gumball Awards.