Controversial Yoruba actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, has seemingly gotten over her messy breakup with her UK-based ex-lover, Opeyemi Falegan and had taken to social media to share videos of her cozy moments with her new boyfriend.

The videos were however not well received in some corners as some social media users tackled her for putting her relationship in a public space yet again.

Unfazed by the comments, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has fired back at those criticizing her for posting her new man.

The actress in Instastory posts she shared, said those who think they have an opinion on how she should live her life, have lost it.

Also asking why some people prefer living in her past, Nkechi added that she can post as many men as she wants on her page since it’s none of her critics’ business. In numerous instastories, she wrote:

“A lot of you are lonely and misre*ble na why body Dey pepper una 2 Get well soon

“Keep your prayers to urself Abeg & make una no Dey pray for me l am good!!

“I can post 3 million men on my page if I want to.try Dey mind your business..I am not related to any of you

“You say I am posting too much when my every post is reading in $$$$. you Dey whyne me? Taa!!!!

“I wonder why some of you still live in my past. as in Dey drink better panadol untop my own headache..Na wah!!!

“At 33 you think your opinion on how I should live my life matter? You must be m*D!!! If una like talk from now reach next year!!.”