Nigerian rap star cum author, Eva Alordiah has on social media opened up on her depression journey and how she overcame it. She disclosed that she gave up her dream of becoming the “greatest female rapper in Africa” 5 years ago.

The singer in a lengthy tweet revealed that she was suffering from a deep dark depression which she eventually overcame.

Revealing that she now owns a tech start-up, has a new life and is recording again, Eva went on to list ways one can overcome depression.

She tweeted:-

“5 years ago I gave up my dream of becoming the greatest female rapper in Africa. I was suffering a deep, dark depression. Today I own a Tech Start-up, I have new life & I’m Recording again! Here’s what I have learned about giving up your dreams, Depression & Finding yourself

You are an Artist, You are NOT your Art. Over the years I had become identified with what I did —Eva The Rapper – I didn’t know myself beyond that. It has taken years of persistent introspection, meditation & patience to know myself and stand apart from my work.

“I now understand the Depression as a Spiritual experience- a shedding of old layers, the stripping away of illusion, a coming face to face with all that isn’t so I can see what IS I am not my thoughts, I am not my Body. I am not my accomplishments. I AM //not medical advice.

The Depression was the pathway to my Awakening. It forced me to give up who I thought I was, to block off everyone else and their dogmas, and to accept a state of nothingness. I found peace when I accepted myself as No thing, No one, No me. //not medical advice

Your Purpose in Life has nothing to do with making Money & getting Fame. I was famous, yet I was dying daily in the loneliness of my privacy. I found Purpose when I learned that my Gifts were given me by the Creator to help people Focus on serving people, all else is bullshit

Fame can Destroy you if you are not grounded in your Source. Everyone knew who I was, but I looked in the mirror & was lost! I committed myself to KNOWING my Self & God within. I questioned everything & searched in weird places for ancient wisdom. If you Seek you shall find

“Be You, the world will adjust. In finding myself again, I realized I didn’t have to do what was expected of me. I started using my gifts in New ways & felt no pressure to please anyone. I simply did what I wanted to do. You are still here.

“Sometimes you may have to give up who you think you should be so you can become who you really came to be. I thought I wanted to be a Rapper. Now I have come to understand myself as a Teacher at my core. My skills in Writing, Speaking, Music- all combine now to help me Teach

What people think is their problem to deal with. Trust that You know what you are doing. I got even more depressed reading comments like — “You fell off “What are you doing with your life “Your career crashed— I learned to block the noise & trust MY WAY. I am happier for it

In Finding yourself and starting over, you are ALLOWED to do whatever the fuck you want.

I gave myself permission to try new things & do it ALL!

I built a SAAS platform

I created content online

I hosted Webinars

I did more writing