Popular media personality, Denrele Edun has taken to Instagram to celebrate himself as he turns a year older.

The crossdresser who is known for his carefree spirit shared stunning images of himself in celebration of his 41st birthday.

Denrele reveals that he has never let the kid in him die with the weight of adulthood as he says that he looks 19, feels like he’s 12 and acts like he’s 10 years old.

He Wrote:

“HAPPY 41ST BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! FORTY WON, it is! I look 19, I feel like 12 and I act like I’m 10 (Yeah, I never let the kid inside of me die)…

Guess that makes me 41! DENRELE, I now pronounce you STUNNING! Again, find me a more Energetic, Beautifully Young, Vibrant and Effervescent 41 Year old…

Didn’t think so! Channeling my inner GEN Z side; Youthful exuberance with a lotta BALLZ! P.S: I’ve heard of the three ages of Man: Youth, Middle Age, and “You’re looking wonderful!”.