Nigerian rapper Sodiq Abubakar, popularly known as CDQ, has stated that material things are overrated in comparison to sound health.

This comes following his hospitalization in December 2022.

In a post via his Instagram page on Monday, the singer said that one thing he has learnt in the past year is gratitude to Glod for the gift of life.

He recounted the moment he was ill in his home and was saved by his house help who came in just in time to see him struggling on the floor, unable to do anything because he had lost body fluids due to prolonged vomiting and stooling

According to him, at that moment, he told God he was ready to let go of his achievements for a chance to get well and start all over again.

“If there’s one thing I learnt this past year, it is an act of gratitude to Almighty Allah for the gift of life.

“Material things are quite overrated compared to sound health and the free air we breathe every day.

“When I was struggling, crawling on the floor, helplessly squeezing my stomach, stooling at the same time, throwing up from around 3 am till about 7 pm, laying on the floor totally weak coz I had lost all the fluids in my body and couldn’t lift up a finger to open the door.

“Until my house help came in to deliver my laundry in the morning and saw me on the floor and he quickly called my cuz Dre and they rushed me down to the emergency at Evercare Hospital Lekki.

“For a moment, I was telling God that I am ready to let go of everything I have ever achieved in my life just to get back my life and start all over again,” he wrote.


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