Popular Nollywood actor cum comedian Mr Macaroni has said that the resources in Nigeria belongs to everyone and not a selected few.

The skit maker urged Nigerians to awaken to the fact that all the country have is also theirs.

Speaking via Instagram, the 29-year-old said all the country’s endowments which belong to all shouldn’t be circulated just among few individuals.

He opined that those who covet the country’s endowments desire to see the masses live perpetually divided so they can keep looting the nation’s treasury. Mr Macaroni wrote:

“Fellow Nigerians, Nigeria belongs to you!! All of the milk and honey, the wealth and glory all belongs to us. It is not to be circulated amongst few people.

“The few want us to remain divided so they can continue to loot the nation dry! We must realize the power in our unity.”

Recall ahead of the 2023 general elections, Mr Macaroni outlined the need for people not to be vilified over their political choices.

In a tweet he shared, the thespian stated that people shouldn’t be attacked or vilified for their political choice lest we all become the same thing we preach against.

Mr. Macaroni also stated that while he respectfully engages some people in the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) even though their candidates, Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar would never smell my vote, he’s ready for any faceoff that comes off it.

He tweeted:

“No one should be attacked or vilified for their political choice lest we become the same thing we preach against.

I respectfully engage some people in the APC and PDP even though their candidates can NEVER smell my vote!

But if you say na Vawulence you like, E Full Ground!”