A Nigerian nurse identified by her Facebook username as Ubangha Blessing Ubi has refuted viral claims of health officials leaving Rico unattended while making videos and laughing aloud.

Recall that following the death of the reality star on Thursday, 13th October, social media was thrown into a frenzy after a video which argued that nurses left Rico Swavey battling for his life while they laughed and made videos emerged.

This triggered rage and uproars among netizens who began blasting Nigerian nurses while accusing them of unprofessionalism.

In reaction to this, Blessing Ubi who claimed to have worked in the hospital and by virtue knows some persons there gave a different narrative.

According to her, the nurses were the ones urging the Good Samaritan who brought Rico Swavey to the hospital to assist in taking him inside and stop filming.

She added that the laughter heard in the background of the clip came from the security men not nurses.

The nurse further called on the media to change the narrative and give an accurate account of what happened as she lamented how the good deeds of Nigerian nurses are always swept under the carpet while lies trends faster.

She wrote:

Dear Instablog9ja Gistloversgram Gistloversgram YabaLeftOnline.com how exactly do you report and repost lies? Why trying to tarnish the images of people who are trying to help the sick?

¶As usual, the good we do as Nurses hardly trends, only the supposed lies trends faster.

¶And if I had not worked here, or personally known the persons involved, I’d have been made to believe the lies.

¶It’s very obvious in this video that the Nurse was asking the supposed good Samaritan to stop making videos and assist in moving the said patient to the bed for proper care.

¶Please, bring down these videos or say the exact thing and stop misleading the public. Allow us mourn the dead in peace…

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