Veteran rapper Phyno has disclosed his routing before climbing the stage to delight his fans and audience.

For Phyno, his pre-performance rituals include food, cognac, listening to music from his headphone and watching videos on YouTube.

Notwithstanding all these aforementioned, one thing the wordsmith doesn’t want around him ahead of his performance is negative energy. He stressed that he prohibits negativity while waiting backstage to do what he loves.

Phyno, who spoke in a recent episode of Herbal Tea & White Sofas, maintained that “I like to have finger foods to nibble on while waiting for my performance. If I have to drink, it probably has to be cognac. I always have my headphones and listen to different things on the internet just to zone out. I could also watch some clips on YouTube.

“What is forbidden backstage to me and my crew is just negativity. I love to be happy and I think it rubs off on the crowd. The mood determines how you are before you get on stage,” the rap artiste said.

Phyno added that for fans and event-goers to have a memorable show, it is important for artistes to captivate fans’ attention while entering the stage and leave them yarning for more when departing the stage.

“One thing that the fans will forever remember is your entrance and how you leave the stage. You know when the tempo is very high and you come out when they are expecting you. I get to see the fans react to the music and sing along.”

“I just love to pass the message along, no matter the kind of music it is, just keep it positive with the fans and seeing them react to it the same way I played it out of my head is something I will forever cherish. It is like your baby and you are watching your baby become something. It is a very good feeling. I take it so personal because that is something I really cherish.”

“I have some songs that are strictly for couples and weddings, they are love songs. So, anytime I am on stage doing songs, I make the couples fall in love again. It is special but true. I have gotten to a point whereby I have realized that I am doing this for the fans and not just for me. I have to make these fans happy and give them what they love,” Phyno revealed.