Nigerian Singer, Ruger has shared how his parent reacted to him deciding to pursue music.

The singer was interviewed by PunchNg where he spoke on different issues including how he got signed by D Prince and how he knew music was his calling.

Speaking on how he realized music was his calling, he said;

“Normally, I used to sing in the church choir because I’ve always loved music. But I became sure of it when I started composing music in high school and from then, it was just flowing.

Gradually, I started understanding the process and I’ve continued with it since then.”

When asked about his parents’ reaction after realising he chose music as his preferred career choice, he said;

“Well, they (parents) knew I love music, so they were cool with it. They loved the fact that I decided to do something for myself and especially something that I loved.

I think parents should support their children in doing what they love and not just what they want for them as parents because there is an 80% possibility of a child being successful at what he/she loves than what the parents want for the child. My parents have been very supportive and prayerful.”

He also spoke on how he switched from singing Gospel music to secular music, saying that it was easy to do so.

The singer refused to speak on his online fight with DJ Dimple Nipple and on the encounter with a fan who touched him lewdly while he was performing on stage which he said was his first experience.

He also stated that the incident did not affect how he relates with his female fans as he remains in good rapport with them.