Simi can attest to the widespread belief that all African mothers, particularly Nigerian mothers, behave in the same way.

The singer spoke about her own experience in response to a viral WhatsApp voice note between a mother and her daughter.

The mother had warned her daughter about the style the younger woman was planning to wear to a family occasion, pointing out that the slit was too high, the cleavage was too exposed, and other problems, especially since members of the Bayiewu family” would be in attendance.

Simi revealed that the voice note transported her back to a period when she wore a strapless dress to her mother’s 60th birthday celebration.

She wrote that “kasala box that day” and she wouldn’t be surprised if her mum is yet to forgive her for the incident.

Simi stated that her mum said folks from Church were quick to point out that her mum was one to correct folks over what she seems “inappropriate clothing” and her reply to her mum was that she should quit telling people’s children what to wear.

“Last last she sef gas started wear mini gown once once,” she added.

She also went on to note that most mothers didn’t want their children to dress a certain way so that they could find good husbands however, the good husbands like body-baring clothes hence, putting Nigerian mothers in the mud yet again.

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