Nigerian singer turned pastor, Soul E Baba has shared his opinion on why he thinks many ladies has remained single.

The 38-year-old former singer opined that most times, God sends married men to be husbands but ladies reject them because they think they can’t be ‘side chics.’

In his opinion, some married men find their soulmates shortly after getting married to someone else, stating that is the reason for many failed marriages.

Nigerian singer turned pastor, Soul E Baba
Nigerian singer turned pastor, Soul E Baba.

“If there is anything I understand about God, is that God works in mysterious ways. A lot of women are single today because God has actually sent their husband but he was a married man.

“Now please, before you judge me, listen. When a man marries woman that is not his soul mate, the day he meets you that is his soul mate, there’ll be trouble in that marriage.

“And sometimes, I’ve seen cases where a man refuses to give a woman divorce, where a woman refuses to give a man divorce.

“Now my question to you is…if that man finds somebody who gives him peace, joy, and he’s ready to be with you and you’ll now tell the person you don’t want to be with him because you don’t want to be a side chick?

“Many of you are still single because you are not sensitive to what I’m talking about. If your destiny is written that you’ll marry a man that has been married before and you are saying you don’t want it, you’ll remain single. I’m not cursing you, it’s a fact.

“So, your sensitivity to know as long as the man is transparent and honest, follow that man and enjoy your life.”

The singer turned pastor is not new to controversy as he stopped singing secular music to become a pastor, and also in 2021, he stated that he lost N500 million when he ignored God’s call to be a pastor.