Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja isn’t one to back down when she is passionate about anything; something that helped her channel her character in the Showmax original series Flawsome.

Flawsome revolves around the lives of four friends as they navigate their personal and professional lives while bound by the flawed yet unbreakable ties they share.

Ooja who stars alongside Bisola Aiyeola, Ini Dima-Okojie, and Enado Odigie in the show recently talked about her role with Pulse and revealed that women are portrayed differently in it.

“I like how women are portrayed differently in the show because a lot of shows here are about women who want to get married or are 30 and not married, you know what I mean?

So I just had a lot of notes, but I loved the direction of the entire show”, she said.

Sharon Ooja

On the similarity she shares with her character in the show, Ooja disclosed that both of them are passionate.

“My character is very different from who I am in real life. However, the one similarity is how passionate we are.

“Ramat s very passionate and it often lands her in a bit of trouble and that’s how I am.

“When I’m passionate about something, when there’s something I stand for, I don’t back down no matter what.

“So, I was really able to draw from that similarity and strength.”