Talent Management

At DAW Empire, we take pride in playing a very unique role in the life and career of an artiste.

We are specially trained to help in popularizing our clients with wide range of strategies, to increase their fanbase and provide the much needed support that a talent needs to show their skills to the world.

We understand being a creative comes with a lot of demands as regards creating unique music or video contents for fans, therefore we step in with top-notch management plans and execution that is capable taking the career of any talent to the next level.

Media Exposure/Publicity

We have strong relationship with media platforms nationwide and that has helped us maintain an excellent relationship between our clients and media houses.

  •  Therefore, at DAW Empire, media exposure for our clients has never been a problem, we are capable of constantly getting our talents’ faces regularly in the media.
  • With DAW Empire managing your Talent, you will surely get noticed

Brand Positioning

At DAW Empire, we have a fantastic track record in positioning our talents the way we want in the minds of the public.

We do this by having a clear understanding our talent and his/craft, understand his target audience and then step up with branding strategies that position the talent in a good light.

We will put your the minds and hearts of potential fans.


Our Talent management functions also include representing artistes on a table of discussion of profitable deals.

For instance, when a brand indicates an interest to work with our talent in execution of their marketing campaign, we will carefully study their proposal and negotiate for the deal appropriately in the best interest of our talent.

Talent Marketing

We scan through the industry and recognize brands that will need the services of our talent for management deals

  •  We submit a proposal on behalf of our talent to the company and also work hard towards successful closure of the deal.
  • At DAW Empire, we market our clients and represent them on negotiation table.


When it comes to distribution, we have strong ties with premium streaming platforms all over the world.

We have what it takes to spread our talents music contents like wildfire within a short period of time.

The artistes under our talent management agency have enjoyed optimum distribution of their contents in a way that generates cool revenue for them.

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