Timaya, a respected Nigerian dancehall musician, has released another explosive track titled ‘Sweet Us,’ along with a themed video.

Timaya is known for creating trending songs his fans can always relate to and flow to. In the new track, ‘Sweet Us,’ the energetic musician attempted to recreate his 2014 blockbuster smash song, ‘Sanko.’

‘Sweet Us,’ a dancehall groove, includes beats similar to ‘Sanko,’ but at a slower tempo. The video for ‘Sweet Us’ also brought back the bouncy Timaya we remember from the 2010s.

Timaya goes deep with the new single like he used to do during his early days in the music industry. Despite the mockery lyrics, he shouted out to God, the Almighty, for his many blessings.

Timaya joined forces with creatively insane video director TG Omori to create the appropriate visuals for ‘Sweet Us.’

Watch the video below:-