Tiwa Savage Speaks About Her Dream Man And Relationship (VIDEO)

Nigerian Afrobeat superstar Tiwa Savage shared some relationship nuggets with her fans during her tour and also mentioned qualities she’d love to have in her man, which had the audience howling in agreement.

Tiwa is currently on tour in the United States of America and is planning a run through Europe and Uganda as part of her Water and Gari tour.

The singer is spreading her Water and Gari gospel on her tour, and she was gracious enough to share relationship advice with her fans.

Tiwa Savage had spoken about her personal tastes saying;

“I want love, yes, but I also want money. I’m not encouraging runs, I’m not saying you should go after a man for his money, but I’m saying that it is sweet when you also spend their money.

Because I have my own money as you can see, so all I’m saying is you need to match my energy.”

The singer, who also discussed heartbreak, joked that while it was unavoidable, it was preferable to bear the pain from a place of comfort.

Watch the video below:-

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