In a viral video, Nigerian musician Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa-Donus, better known as Joeboy, has been spotted rocking a female fan’s brassier after it was thrown at him on stage.

The female fan who graced one of Joeboy’s recent occasional stages decided to show the singer some love and appreciation by ‘stoning’ him with her bras, not minding that it was an undergarment.

In the video, the singer was seen thrilling an audience with an intimating performance when all of a sudden, a bra was thrown at him on stage.

The singer then inquired who threw the bra at him while he was performing but the owner was probably shy to own up.

Joeboy then decided to keep the bra as a souvenir as he rocks it by his waist while he delivers his performance on stage.

Watch the video below:-


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