Big Brother Naija alum, Tolani Baj has revealed why she would prefer driving a Toyota Corolla to an outdated Range Rover, while throwing a subtle shade at some Lagosians.

The reality TV show star made this known in a recent post that she made on the microblogging platform, Twitter.

Tolani Baj claimed many just wanted to ‘belong’, by trying to buy a particular vehicle because of pressure. She made it known that it was a norm in Lagos but she would never be caught in such situation.

She tweeted:

“I’d rather drive a Toyota corolla than drive an outdated range rover in this Lagos. It’s giving….. “I must belong”

Some reactions that her post got are:

meetdeprince wrote – Na she know who she dey diss indirectly..So E no concern us but make una try dey talk true..even if na 2010 range e still cost pass your Corolla

fredycj wrote – I get what she’s trying to say. Instead of buying 2011 Range Rover, she go prefer to buy 2021 Toyota Corolla . E be like phone.. instead of buying iPhone 7 in the name of iPhone trend, she go prefer to buy Samsung galaxy s22 ultra. But as For me, buy whatever you have money to buy. Wether e Dey trendy or not. It’s not a competition. This pressure too much. Especially celebrities.

hayuurr wrote – Car na car, na una dey find class

nellyb72 wrote – Motor na motor..weda outdated or latest!,”e dey carry you reach where you want go”?YES!

divagold_ wrote – This argument na for who get car, NEXT!!!!

zakarieeshat3 wrote – Las las drive what you can afford Mechanics and spare parts ain’t smiling

edithjonas91 wrote – If your mindset to material things rings ‘you must belong’ before acquiring them then you have a major complex problem.

longspoonkitchen wrote – Buy whatever you can afford and leave people alone.. you don’t have the right to tell people how to spend their money

aymid_official wrote – What is outdated Range Rover??

nejis_kitchen wrote – If you want to be envious, do it with your full chest. Which one is outdated Range Rover ? It’s giving jealousy

c.y.n__t.h.i.a wrote – Toyota I no see, range rover I no come see… This argument is for rich kids Abeg