“You Are Risking Their Lives” – Fans Kick Against AGN’s Rescue Plan For Abducted Colleagues

Some concerned Nollywood fans have taken to social media to caution Actress and Director of Communications, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Monalisa Chinda after she reacted to the kidnap of their colleagues.

On Thursday 28th of July, Nollywood thespians Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornel were kidnapped in Ozalla town, Enugu while returning from a movie set.

It was learnt that the abductors of the film stars are demanding a $100,000 ransom.

Commenting on the incident, Monalisa Chinda explained that their abductors had misjudged the financial status of the actors.

Her words;

“I don’t understand how people would think that Actors have money… with the paltry sum we receive as fees?

The struggle through life vicissitudes, health issues etc we face every now n then??? $100k from where?”

Monalisa further noted that AGN will track the phone numbers the abductors used to get in touch with them.

“The numbers that was used to communicate with them can easily be traced. I mean. The search is on d @actorsguildofnigeria Let’s keep reposting please” she wrote.


Reacting, Nigerians cautioned Monalisa about tracing the Kidnapper’s digits to avoid risking their colleagues’ lives and advised the Actors Guild of Nigeria to quit sharing their plans on social media.


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